Boat Insurance for your Watercraft

Protect your boat with Boat Insurance, also known as Watercraft Insurance. Our agents will help you find a watercraft insurance policy that best fits your needs.

Boat Insurance & Watercraft Insurance options may include:

  • Collision Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Medical Coverage
  • Towing and Assistance Costs
Boat Insurance - Charlotte NC

Don't Overlook Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Don’t let unpredictable events damage your watercraft. Our agents can help you find a Watercraft Insurance policy to protect you from accidents, breakdowns, medical costs and uninsured boat operators.

Recreational boating accidents can attribute to property damage and injury due to:

  • Human error or poor judgment
  • Weather and environement
  • Machinery and equipment failures or complications
  • Operators lack of attention
  • Careless or reckless operating practices
  • Operator inexperience
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